Christmas Eve Activity Box

Christmas Eve Activity Box

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Calling all Mums and Dads, this will keep your little ones entertained on Christmas Eve.    

We have Santa's and his Reindeers Arrival pack all ready to be put out before bedtime.  Reindeer Food with extra magic dust, a carrot and not forgetting a mince pie.  We know that Santa's tipple of choice changes regularly throughout the evening, so we will leave this one to you to decide. Christmas Activities are included to give you some extra time to wrap those last-minute presents, come on Dad's we know this is you!  Together with, warming and sweet winter treats for the family to enjoy while watching that traditional Christmas Eve Film.

What do you get?

Items to leave out on Christmas Eve

Bag of Reindeer Food (Oats, Sprinkles and edible Glitter)

1 x Carrot for Rudolph

1 x Mince Pie for Santa

Sweet Treats

1 x Cone of Hot Chocolate (Serves 4) with Galaxy Chocolate Powder, Chocolate Chips and Mini Marshmallows

1 x Bag of x4 Homemade Gingerbread festive friends with decorating kit (icing and sprinkles)

1 x Bag of Homemade Assorted Fudge (8 Pieces)

4 x Sweet Candy Canes

Mini Activity Kit

2 x Mini Activity Books

2 x Xmas Christmas Sticker Sheets

2 x Christmas Pencils with Themed Erasers

2 x Christmas Themed Plane Gliders